Reduce your carbon footprint and make significant savings on refurbished IT equipment. 
In the ongoing efforts to establish a circular economy of reuse, recycle and reduce for IT equipment and devices, reuse can be overlooked. As the world begins to shift towards environmental sustainability the fact is reusing IT equipment is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions.  

Buying refurbished IT equipment creates less electronic waste helps to save the planet and save you more money. According to *(2019 Sustainability Report) reusing a laptop can result in a 36% reduction in CO2e.

For example, comparing the 300kg CO2e for a new laptop the carbon footprint of a refurbished laptop is 75kg, that’s equivalent to a reduction of 75%. You can significantly reduce carbon emissions if you buy refurbished IT equipment.

At Recommerce IT sustainability is fundamental to our ethos. We are a UK ecommerce business, refurbishing, reusing and recycling IT equipment, such as laptops, desktops and monitors. Our green credentials are crucial to the way we conduct our business responsibly and sustainably. In our approach to sustainability, we play our part by getting the maximum life out of all existing IT equipment that still has many good years left in it.  

Every device we sell is completely refurbished by our skilled technicians to the very highest standards and is as good as new but costs considerably less in price. In our pledge to the planet our sister company Green IT Disposal has an on-going ESG Sustainability strategy in place to tackle environmental issues. In their first steps to limiting their carbon emissions, they have been able to offset their carbon footprint by 24 tonnes of CO2 in 2021.

Buying refurbished IT equipment plays an important role in reducing the environmental impact while saving you money. Not only can you reduce electronic waste, but you can save £££’s on laptops, desktops and monitors compared to the high price for a brand-new device.
*Sustainability Report published by IT device lifecycle management company, 3StepIT
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Recommerce IT Sustainability
Recommerce IT Sustainability

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